14 Aug

Logistics in Brazil: How to choose a service provider for your company?


The fierce competition in the market and the current economic scenario are some of the factors that drive companies to constantly adapt and optimize their logistics strategy, which may involve hiring a service provider. This is where some dilemmas begin, for example: How do you know if this is the best option? What is the ideal time to start a partnership?


When reading this content, you will know 4 factors that must be considered when making a decision. In addition, you can also clarify your doubts, and, of course, if you need any other information, just look for the our team.



When to choose to hire service providers?


How do you know when is the best time to hire a service provider? So, in fact, there is no single answer to this question, after all, there are many reasons that can lead a company to make such a contract. For example, some decide for this option due to the difficulties of meeting the demand or the lack of qualified labor, while others think about the possibility of cost reduction and business strategy, that is, the decision making must happen based on the need for the operation.


Therefore, to ensure that outsourcing is the appropriate choice, it is essential that there is a prior and careful analysis, after all, your business deserves the best option.



Important points to be taken into account when choosing:


It is essential to take some precautions to avoid inconvenience after hiring a service, so take note of what you should observe when choosing a partnership for your business:


- Seek recommendations


Knowing company references is essential for decision making. Do Google searches, look at the portfolio and find out what are the recommendations of customers. Get in touch and try to know the details of the service and how the company behaves in the face of problems or impasses.


Remember that outsourcing must be able to meet the demand of your operation along with the fluctuations that can happen, after all, it is not always possible to predict all changes in the market.


In the case of hiring technical services that require registration, it is also worth remembering that it is important to request documents that prove that the company is properly regularized, this is the best method to avoid future problems.


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- Know the services offered


In order for a third party to be able to meet your demands, it is necessary to have services that meet the needs of your operation, so it is important to know what the company has to offer. Such information can also be obtained through searches on the website and on social networks, for example.


As mentioned in the previous item, it is also important to contact the service provider, as, in addition to being able to clarify your doubts, it is an opportunity to tell the details of your operation and clarify what your expectations are in relation to a future partnership. Don't forget that the important thing is that you feel safe when leaving a case in the hands of a third party.


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- Make comparisons


Currently, there is a wide variety of companies that may be qualified to meet your need, so it is always good to make a comparison between services to achieve the best partnership for your operation.


We are not just talking about price, although it is an important factor, there are other aspects that must be analyzed when deciding. We can cite as an example characteristics such as the quality of service provision and the power of flexibility in the face of sudden changes.


To summarize this point, our advice is: look for a partner, not just a supplier. It is important that the contracted company complies with the contract and offers a good price, it is a partner that will do all this and still help you to identify market opportunities.


- Communication


Communication is something that is present from our day to day to the daily life of a company, and when it is not well employed, it can cause several problems. This is precisely why the “good communication” factor is included among the main points to be addressed.


The idea of partnership involves harmony between those involved in a situation, especially in the logistics world, where there are several volatile circumstances that can affect an operation.


brclog believes that a transparent relationship between partners is one of the pillars for success and, for that, it counts on an engaged team that keeps each client up to date with details related to the activities that are under our responsibility. A robust WMS (Warehouse Management System) system is also used, which allows access to reports that specify the performance indicators of each operation. Customers also have visualization of the tool, which is essential when planning your company's logistics strategy.



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