12 Jun

Adequacy of Product Transportation under ANVISA Legislation: Find out how it works

First, the important thing is to understand that Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) is linked to the Ministry of Health and aims to protect the population when carrying out sanitary control of products and services submitted to health surveillance. To ensure that all of this happens, Anvisa has established some rules to be followed, which is what we know by law.




After all, what is a certification? It is a document that guarantees that something or someone is able to perform a certain activity.


In the logistics world there are several certifications that are necessary to carry out the transport and storage of products in the correct way, some are required by the Health Surveillance, others are not, know some examples:


  • RNTRC / ANTT: O National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters, from the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), is the document that provides the guarantee that the company is allowed to carry out transport activities within the national territory;
  • AVCB: The acronym stands for Fire Department Inspection Auto and all companies need this certificate, as it ensures that the enterprise it is suitable for fire prevention;
  • Federal Police Record: The certificate is necessary when the company carries out activities with chemical substances that are controlled by the agency (Federal Police);
  • Sanitary License: It is the license issued by sanitary, municipal or regional surveillance bodies that enable the operation of activities provision of health-related services;
  • Civil Police controlled products license: It is also a requirement for companies who intend to carry out activities with products controlled by the Civil Police;
  • AATIP / CTF - IBAMA: The Environmental Authorization for Interstate Transport of Hazardous Products (AATIP) and the Federal Technical Register (CTF) are issued by the Brazilian Environmental Institute (IBAMA), which also enable the activities of transport and storage of dangerous products;
  • CRT: The certificate of technical regularity is issued by the Regional Pharmacy Council. The document guarantees proof of regularityand the health establishment;
  • CETESB: The Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo issues various certifications to ensure that companies are acting in accordance with environmental guidelines, brclog is exempt from this license;
  • AFE: The acronym stands for Company Operation Authorization, which it is the act of competence of Anvisa that allows the operation of companies or establishments, institutions and bodies, by complying with the technical and administrative requirements contained in legislation.


Brclog has all the certificates that are required to carry out safe storage and transport, and, as we are always thinking about what is most practical for our customers, we reserve a part on our website so that you can consult our certifications.


Go to the section Differentials of our website, and feel free to know more about it, if you have any questions, just look for our team.


Just with this topic, you can already see that this type of specific operation is full of details, which reinforces the concept that a prepared partner is needed and that is able to adapt to each need.


Now, let's talk about some other factors that are important for the process to flow smoothly.


What else is needed to ensure an efficient transport of medicines?


As already mentioned, Anvisa's legislation applies to several different products, but this time, we will highlight how the transport of medicines works, a very specific and requested operation in the world of logistics.


A medicine is a product rich in peculiar characteristics, after all, it is sensitive to variations in lighting, humidity and temperature, for example. In addition, we are talking about the health of the final consumer, that is, all stages of the storage and shipping process must guarantee and preserve the good condition of the product.


For this to happen, some aspects must receive special attention.


Inventory management


Those who already work with logistics know that dealing with inventory is not a very easy task, especially when it comes to sensitive products, such as medicines.


To guarantee efficiency in this stage, it is essential that the operator has equipment such as: cold rooms, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems, to ensure the specific needs of each type of medicine to be stored.


Here at brclog we started our journey working in the areas of health, cosmetics and sanitizing products, and it is through these experiences that we have managed to comply with the strict legal requirements fortransport and storage of such products.


So if you want to know more about our solutions space and have more questionslives on this subject, it's just get in touch with us, how are you?


Pharmaceutical Professional


Having a pharmacist on the team is essential to comply with health legislation related to logistical activities and obtaining specific licenses to carry out the transport and storage of medicines.


The professional must be responsible for identifying the particularities of the product and require that they meet technical and health requirements with regard to identity, integrity and security. 


Team training is another activity attributed to the pharmacist and that makes a lot of difference. At brclog we strive for the whole team to be in sync, guaranteeing the technical qualification of the professionals because we know that a team is not formed by just one player.



Suitable packaging and vehicles


Not only do the processes need adaptation, the tools involved in the operation as well. For example, the vehicle to be used needs to be in proper conditions to transport the product, and it is also important that a quick check is carried out before starting the journey, as a preventive measure.


Route planning


This is another challenging aspect, mainly because we know the quality level of some Brazilian highways. And it is precisely with this in mind, that planning is a vital factor in this process.


It is also important that the routes are defined with care beyond the normal, as there are several external factors that we know that already affects transport normally and, when we talk about specific products, any problem can be even greater. An example is the care with aspects such as the quality of the highway, congestion, changing the logistics modality and climate change.


Cargo tracking


We mentioned that an effective transport service for specific products requires adequacy and planning. Now, let's address another feature: control.


Any logistical operation to be successful requires control and a cargo tracking tool can help you with that. In addition to being able to better visualize the bottlenecks in the process, the customer can also feel more secure knowing where his cargo is.


Another important point is that through load tracking it is possible to reduce the number of losses. With that, we know how efficient or not each transport is being.


Seems like a lot? Well, there are really many details, but know that it is not impossible to be able to adapt to Anvisa legislation and provide a good service. For this to happen it is essential that you analyze all the needs and demands of your company, and from that choose the logistic partner that meets your specifications.  

And if you need anything you already know, we have a team available to assist you. #TogetherLet's Go Away.

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