Warehousing Services

Our storage has an improved system that allows for a better integration of the supply chain.

• Storage management through WMS

• Storage insurance

• Monitoring through cameras and 24 hour security

• Real-time inventory with access control by login and password (traceability)

• Receipt with barcode and smart tags

• Communication channel for scheduling deliveries

• Delivery procedure

• Conference and product classification

• Good handling, packaging, control and measurement practices

• Availability of pallet trucks, shelves, shelves and bins according to demand
and better accommodation

• Cubage, picking, palletizing and strech

• Picking carried out entirely by data collectors

• Cross-docking operation

• Validity, humidity and temperature monitoring

• Refrigeration equipment, including cold room

• Control of segregated and blocked units

• Control of pests and potability of the water network

• Annual physical and electronic inventory

• Storage by FEFO, FIFO and LIFO

• Technical responsibility - full-time pharmaceutical

• Guarantee of intact and packaged goods

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real wherever you are,
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