Transportation Services

Brclog offers a complete range of customized services, developing solutions according to customers' needs.

• Transport management through TMS

• Transport of products with a diversified fleet - Moto, Fiorino, Vans, Utilities, Truck ¾ and Refrigerated

• Trained drivers (MOOP certified) and in uniform

• Tracked and insured vehicles

• Emergency care

• Identified, tracked and insured vehicles

• Inspection by Anvisa and periodic sanitization of vehicles

• Distribution and delivery management

• Resistant and sealed plastic boxes, for simultaneous transport of different classes of products, avoiding accidents and contamination

• Reverse logistic

• Dedicated and fractionated vehicles

• Port, airport, warehouse and supplier removals

• Agility and punctuality

Logistics of
transport is one of the
main activities in
supply chain.
Include it in the planning
management is more than
recommended, it is essential

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