Hospital Logistics Services

Brclog is a reference in the health area with great expertise and credibility in Hospital Logistics, we serve the entire flow of the Supply Chain.

For this reason, in addition to all the advantages that you find in our services of Storage, Transport and Suitability of Products, you can also count on Brclog in the health area, which will provide all assistance and security, reducing errors when organizing, administering and managing inputs.

Our structure is suitable for receiving, storing, adapting, separating and transporting according to the class of products, including thermolabile. We are qualified to operate mat / med, medicines, correlates, food, sanitizing, cosmetics, health products, among others.

UNIFIED MANAGEMENT - Includes the entire Logistics Chain such as Purchasing, Receiving, Warehousing, Item Adequacy, Separation, Distribution and Inventory;

WMS SYSTEM - Manages the entire logistics chain, ensuring security and traceability from entry into the DC to delivery to the Hospital's dispensing sector, a WMS tool developed specifically for logistics operators in the hospital segment;

DASHBOARD - Access portal where customer users will be able to make inventory inquiries, transactions per item and Upload of the demands;

MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM - Experience in routines and criticality of the hospital environment. We have collaborators who were hired who worked in the Hospital warehouse;

FLEXIBILITY - Adequacy of the Hospital and Outpatient care schedule according to the demand curve, contingency structure for emergency care;

RESPONSIBLE PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNICIAN - Dedicated to monitoring to comply with all regulations and preparing the necessary POPs for the logistics project;

SEGREGATED AREAS - Better administration for controlled drugs;

KIT ASSEMBLY - Surgical Kits and Procedural Kits;

INDICATORS - We are subject to strict SLAs Customer Service, exceeding target and compliance expectations through indicators;

PICKING EFFECTIVENESS - Brclog reaches maximum score in efficiency;


Air-conditioned and with refrigeration equipment, including a cold chamber, for the conditioning of thermolabile substances;

Controlled temperature maintaining the characteristics of the drug;

Monitoring Through Cameras;

Restricted Access Under Full-Time Pharmacist Responsibility;

Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity.

Medical supplies need care, licenses, authorizations, confidentiality, strict control of purchase, storage and distribution together with a system that organizes all these steps, avoiding losses, whether due to lots, expirations, among others.

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