As important as the destination is the path we choose.

And the brclog and the best ally for those who need to be in right place, of right way, at right time, valuing security, transparency and competitiveness.

The history of brclog started with the growing demand for the flow of transport and storage of products from our customers.

In this trajectory, we add more than 18 years' experience in the areas of health, cosmetics and household sanitizing, always complying with strict legal requirements for handling these types of products. With the acquired know-how, the strategic planning and the quality of the employees, the brclog solidly expanded its activities to meet different niches and needs in the global market.

Today we are one of the logistics operators most complete in the country, delivering excellence in the management of our customers' supply chain. More than selling, we seek to exceed expectations in every detail we are involved with. We employ total transparency in all stages, with real-time monitoring of products and transport, ensuring complete security and process control.

Our dedication aims to satisfy our customers and partners, so that logistics is seen as an opportunity and solution and not a concern, so we know that they can focus on researching, innovating and producing more and more for increasingly demanding markets.

It doesn't matter the complexity of the challenge or the distance. For brclog, together we go further.


Talents in all areas to go further together.

United, the Team brclog employs commitment and intelligence to guarantee the satisfaction of customers who honor us with their trust.

Far or near, simple or complex, we always deliver excellence in logistics operations.

Our mission

Contribute to the economic and social development of customers and employees, offering efficient operations, innovative processes, high productivity and continuous improvement.

Our vision

To be a reference as a Logistics Operator, maintaining our values, expanding our scope and performance points.

Our values

✔ Ethics ✔ Quality

✔ Commitment ✔ Innovation

✔ Respect ✔ Security

✔ Responsibility

Our Brand

The need to measure time has existed since the most remote times.

When observing the Sun, it was realized that it was possible to register the passage of the day through its movement.

Thus came the sun clock, whose shadow projected on the dial works like an hour hand. As the position of the Sun changes, the shadow shifts.

From then on, the relationship with time changed, making it possible for time commitments to be honored.

THE brclog believes that commitment, punctuality, attendance and speech are of great value. And he was inspired by the sun clock as a symbol of these values to create his new logo, signifying the respect we have for people's time.

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