16 Nov

Hospital Logistics: What is the impact and advantages for your operation?


According to the website Health Business, hospital logistics can represent up to 50% of the cost of health care, that is, this is a factor that can have a strong impact on the operation of clinics or hospitals, whether in a positive or negative way. Such importance stands out even more in times of crisis, which requires even more efficient hospital logistics, so that there is no shortage of materials and medicines.


Precisely for this reason, it is important to understand the details that involve such an operation and we will help you with this task, so, follow us to the end of this reading and enjoy all the tips we have to share.



What is hospital logistics and how does it work?


Hospital logistics is basically the strategic management of the acquisition, movement and storage of medical and hospital materials, which also covers the administration of processes, with the objective of protecting and ensuring the safety of employees, patients and the environment.


Therefore, the company that offers services in this segment must have some factors such as good software that facilitate management, adequate storage and a trained team to meet the specifications that the processes require.


THE brclog began its trajectory by providing services to the health area and, since 2002, it has been meeting the needs of its customers with quality and efficiency, in addition to the experience that has given rise to the opportunity to expand the service to other niches in the global market.


What is the impact on your operation?


As we mentioned earlier, hospital logistics directly impacts the operation, if the activities are carried out by a team specialized in providing adequate support, the consequences are: effective management, cost reduction and satisfaction of the final customer.


Now, if the rules are not strictly followed and there is no planning and monitoring, there is hardly a result that does not involve losses.


Thus, it is clear that for successful hospital logistics it is essential to have a partner who can meet all the needs of your operation, in addition, it is very important to be able to count on flexibility, as, as we know, in the world of logistics everything can change at any time. Along with this, the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus reinforces the idea that whoever is able to adapt is the one who stands out before the market.


To stay active during the height of the quarantine, the brclog met with hospitals and redesigned the entire supply flow for items related to Covid-19. For example, adjustments were made to the receipt grid due to the increased demand for medicines, materials and PPE. There were also changes to avoid disruption to the network, among them are actions such as resizing work shifts and 24-hour duty for emergency calls.


Know the advantages for your business


Now let's address 5 benefits you have when hiring a partner who can perform hospital logistics for your operation:


1 - Simplification of processes


Due to the varied specifications, the processes that guide hospital logistics need a skilful and complete structure to guarantee the good condition of the medicines and, it is worth mentioning, that such factors are essential from receipt to transport.


THE brclog understands that an adequate infrastructure is a crucial point to serve customers efficiently and, therefore, constantly invests in its facilities. It currently has an air-conditioned room of 200m², refrigeration equipment for the conditioning of thermolabile substances, in addition to fully complying with the standards established by Anvisa. In the section Infrastructure you can learn more details about it.


2 - Specialized team


An expert is a person who has special knowledge and skills about a particular activity. With regard to hospital logistics, having a partnership that has a specialized team is a great advantage, in addition to being a decisive factor when choosing the company that will be responsible for its operation.


We say this because it is this team that will handle the items and be in charge of the processes, which, because they are specific, also require special attention. In other words, technical responsibility is necessary, so the brclog counts on the support of a full-time pharmacist.


To ensure that the team is in sync with the needs of the operation, other points are also taken into account, for example, employees are constantly updated through training, in addition to brclog insists on emphasizing how important the transparent relationship between supplier and customer is important, as this is the best way to achieve harmony and focus on the same objective.


It is also worth mentioning that in order to maintain the quality of the team, it is essential that the company be attentive to the health of each employee. THE brclog always had this concern and, due to the pandemic, redoubled the health care (providing PPE and alcohol gel) to ensure the greatest possible safety during the activities.


3 - Use of advanced equipment and technologies


A company specialized in hospital logistics must have robust systems, as these tools are important to optimize processes and avoid losses.


For example, brclog it has a WMS system that provides a complete overview of the operation for the team and for the customers, through this tool the order is inserted, the stock is tracked, all in an agile and accurate manner. In addition, it is possible to issue process reports for the analysis of indicators, which is essential to identify bottlenecks and design appropriate strategies.


Bearing in mind that validity, temperature and humidity control is also carried out, which in hospital logistics is essential to ensure the integrity and proper packaging of medicines.


Find out more about these solutions by clicking on here.


4 - Cost reduction


As already mentioned, hiring a company to take care of your hospital logistics is a way of being able to direct your focus to other business factors and maintain the quality of the processes. Once it finds the appropriate partnership, it will also have the benefit of reducing operating costs, as the goal is for the logistics operator to provide tailor-made solutions that will avoid wasting resources.


At brclog, the logistical projects are totally personalized, so it is possible to offer customers tailored solutions that also meet the company's financial needs.


Be sure to read the next item and understand why it is important to ensure that your business hospital logistics has specific processes.


5 - Personalized service


Easy access to technology was already changing the profile of the consumer and the impact of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus only reinforced the need for such a change. Therefore, it is vital to carry out a constant analysis in search of improvements and customization, which is easier and more practical when you can count on a partnership that is really synchronized with what your business needs.


THE brclog believes that for this to happen, innovation is necessary and it is for this reason that it is always in search of the differential, such as, for example, sectorized delivery, where the user of each sector, through their need for weekly consumption, prepares the direct order on the web portal via dashboard.


This system offers advantages such as:


1 - Eliminates the need for transit of materials and medicines in the pharmacy sectors, reducing the time of availability and space for receiving;

2 - With the guarantee of direct weekly supply in the sector, the need for inventory days at the tip of consumption decreased;

3 - Sectorized supply guarantees the exact availability of what each area really needs according to its specialty, decentralizing stocks, freeing up space in central pharmacies, directing these locations to activities of greater relevance to the hospital's Core Business.


Incredible, isn't it?

Now that you know a little more about the importance of hospital logistics, it will be easier to choose the best partnership for your business. The team brclog is here to help you and the only thing you need to do is contact the our team. Clarify your doubts and don't forget: #TogetherLet's GoLonger.

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