15 Apr

Advantages of Outsourcing for your company's Logistics

We who work with logistics understand in practice how time can be a friend and often an enemy.

With each passing day we experience new discoveries in medicine, technological advances and participate in a totally fierce and competitive market, which is good in the sense that it motivates us to always be on the move.

Talking directly about brclog, we can say that another factor that drives us to innovate is our customers and their growing demands, after all, we understand and want to offer the best logistics solutions, and we know that to stay one step ahead of the market is It is essential to continue expanding the horizons of operations.


And it was precisely thinking about all of this that we decided to create this blog, which aims to be a space to share reliable information about the world of logistics, in addition to being a means to answer questions.


Believe me, the content we are preparing can indeed make a difference for your business.

Do you want to know what theme we're going to start with? So come on!


After all, what is logistics outsourcing?


In the dictionary, the word outsource is defined by: hiring a third party to perform services that are not related to the main activity of the company.


Let's give an example to make it clearer: your company operates with product / service X but for that it needs process A, B and C running as well. Brclog specializes in process A, so it ensures that it works according to what is necessary for your operation, in the meantime your company can remain focused on product / service X and without having to worry about losing quality in process A.


Practical, isn't it ?! Was it in doubt whether in your case it makes sense or not to outsource ?. Well, continue with us in this reading because now we are going to share what are the advantages of logistics outsourcing.


Discover the advantages of logistics outsourcing


Tax flow of documents


Something that is part of innovation in the world of logistics are government programs with the aim of controlling the fiscal flow more, with this we have documents such as DANFE, CTE, electronic cargo manifest, CIOT and others; in addition to the tools, all with the objective of promoting control.


Knowing this, it is necessary that logistics operators and shippers keep up with all tax obligations, which involves the use of specific software to comply with the protocols, in addition to ensuring the necessary integration with government agencies.


Therefore, when choosing a logistics operator, it is essential to analyze whether the company is within the inspection regulations, and whether it has support (mainly in the IT area) when carrying out tax transactions or integrations.


We can summarize this topic in: the company that you choose as a partner must guarantee a regulated and safe tax operation.


Inventory Management Software 


Do you agree that for us who work with logistics, performing an effective inventory management has always been a challenge ?. And with the competitiveness of the market, this task has become a goal pursued within the entire supply chain.


In order for the logistics operator to do well, it is essential to have a state-of-the-art WMS system, which meets all the control variables and can provide customers with reports to ensure an ideal flow of materials.


Over the years and the constant increase in partnerships, we at brclog have used the demands of our customers to understand what their needs are and thus improve our services. We will highlight some points that we consider fundamental for an efficient inventory management, so it is possible to analyze and even include some of these in your analysis and search for the ideal partner:


  • Dashboard via web: We value good communication with our partners so we want them to be able to consult in a practical way their stock position, generate orders and reports, and also make integrations;
  • Inventory control by FEFO, FIFO and Batch: We understand that in order to expand the service niche, flexibility is necessary, which is why in terms of inventory management we guarantee this through a multifunctional WMS system, which allows the customer to decide which is the best parameter of picking to meet your need;
  • Data collectors: We use this tool in the process of picking because with it we managed to guarantee an effective and assertive separation, as well as precision at the time of the conference;
  • Inventory: This is a totally delicate process, which is why we have an inventory module (which is within the WMS) that allows counting and electronic checking, in line with the guidelines of audit companies.


Physical Structure and Strategic Positioning


The physical structure and location of your logistics partner are two more important aspects when making a decision. Why? Well, let's start by talking about the first point: in the universe of logistics, changes are constant, and once your business has a physical structure it is easier and more viable to deal with some situations, the implementation of a new process in the operation, for example .


The same happens with the location, the fact that the partner is in a strategic place helps with tight deadlines and possible unforeseen circumstances. With that in mind, brclog installed its unit in Grande ABC, at the junction between Rodovia dos Imigrantes and Rodoanel. Even when you want to get to know our space, just get in touch with us.


Licenses and Certifications


The operator who will act in partnership with your business needs to ensure that he has a license to carry out the activities involving his products, of course, everything must be in accordance with the proper legislation of Organs regulatory bodies. In addition, we can not fail to mention the famous certifications, after all, the lack of them can cause many problems for a logistics operation.


As we have already mentioned here, we always seek to expand our operating niche, and for this to work we consider it important to be prepared for specific projects; which also involves applying the number of certifications. Here is a list of which we want to highlight:


  • AVCB;
  • CRF-SP;
  • IBAMA;
  • ANTT;
  • Civil Police of the State of São Paulo;
  • Federal police.


With this tip you can get an idea of what may be needed for your business. And if you have any doubts about it, just look for our team and we will help you with that.


Projects customized to the customer's needs


Deciding to outsource is really a process full of details, after all, it involves dividing your company's processes into slices and letting a partner take care of one of the parties. No matter how many factors are involved, it is essential to analyze each one of them, so that you can later enjoy the benefits of the decision. This whole process is easier when the operator offers flexibility, practical, personalized solutions that are in line with the best practices and goals of your business.


SLA and Indicators


The time has come to talk a little about the last and not less important aspect among the “most relevant” to make a good choice of logistics operator.


The SLA and its indicators are essential for the smooth running of the carriage in the operation, through which it is possible to identify which are the bottlenecks in the processes, predict certain situations and even gain insights for improvements. And for all of this to happen, transparency and easy visibility of such metrics is essential.


Being part of the logistics business for at least 10 years has provided us with constant experience, which as a result allows us to include and expand indicators to ensure the efficiency of our partners' operations. Let's share some of these metrics to help you understand what may be relevant to your business:


  • Receiving time: As soon as the product arrives at our docks, our responsibility begins. We measure the time from the entry to the moment the material is available for service, thus ensuring a good start to the process, and from that measure we also maintain the quality of the team;
  • OTIF (Orders fulfilled On time in full): This indicator involves ensuring delivery on time and in the exact quantity, and of course, in this process the ideal is that there are no losses, so a detailed analysis is important;
  • Inventory accuracy: Another indicator that promotes data accuracy, which can help in the process of purchasing raw materials and reducing the loss and / or loss curve;
  • Delivery time: When it comes to logistics, it is essential to guarantee information from end to end, that's why our deliveries have real-time monitoring and tracking;
  • Management system seen from indicators and support reports: Through a highly qualified and trained team our customers can count on the proper support.


You may be thinking: So this is it, just benefits? Well, like everything in life and in the world, in outsourcing there are also aspects that can be negative, at one time or another a problem will happen, and what makes the difference is the team chosen to take care of the slice of your business.


Have any questions? Do you want to know more about our services? Contact with us and don't forget: #JuntosVamosMaisLonge!


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