14 Aug

Pandemic: The 5 big changes for Logistics and how your company can be impacted


Covid-19 started to spread in late 2019 and stopped the world. Along with the scenario of uncertainties, there was a need to adapt to new habits and there is no exception, every type of market is being affected, some more and others less, anyway the changes are happening.


How to deal with the impacts of the Pandemic? Is it really possible to generate some kind of opportunity in the midst of this challenge? These are just two of the many questions that currently exist and, as we believe that together we go further, we decided to share this content with tips and useful information about the effect of Covid-19 in the logistics sector.


We will address 5 of the major changes that are impacting the market, follow us until the end of this reading and discover solutions that can make a difference for your business. And don't forget that we are available to help you, so if you need anything just look for the our team.



Concern for the health of employees


This is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns for managers, after all, we are talking about a disease that so far has no vaccine available, so prevention remains the best way.


The WHO (World Health Organization) has published a document on measures to prevent Covid-19 in the workplace, among the recommendations are:



  • Keep the work environment clean and sanitized


One of the main sources of spread of the virus is surfaces, so it is essential that there is a constant cleaning of tables and workstations.


  • Encourage thorough hand washing


The correct washing of hands with soap and water is an important measure to prevent infection of the virus, so it is essential that the company ensures that employees have access to alcohol gel dispensers or hand sanitizers. Other measures can also be taken, such as the display of information sheets with instructions for the correct washing of hands (especially in bathrooms).


  • Promote respiratory hygiene in the workplace


Simple attitudes like covering your mouth and nose when sneezing and avoiding scratching your face are also ways of preventing it. Even companies can take the initiative to make scarves and / or masks available to employees.


  • Encourage sick employees to work from home


In the case of a cough or mild fever (37.3%) WHO encourages employees to work from home. The same applies to those who need to take medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin, as they can mask the infection. This is a super important measure to avoid contamination by other employees.


In addition to the physical, another worrying factor is the state of the employees' mental health, which also suffers the impacts of such a drastic change. A mix of thoughts and emotions became part of everyone's daily life, which generates more and more stress and anxiety. With this, the company has an important role in providing support to employees, which can be done in several ways, for example, through psychological support and virtual actions to deal with isolation.


brclog takes great care with each member of its team and takes seriously the recommendations provided by WHO and the Brazilian government.



Changes in consumption habits


As already mentioned, the impact of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has affected everything and everyone, which also includes changes in consumer habits. Several surveys indicate that Brazilians increased their online purchases and started using digital means of payment, including, it is very likely that the transformation will continue to happen even with the post pandemic.


Due to the increased demand for e-commerce purchases, delivery times have also become longer, which is often acceptable, due to sudden changes in transportation. 


To keep up with the new scenario, it is essential that the company be adaptable and make a detailed analysis of the impact that the pandemic caused to the operation. After that, the next step is to carry out a new planning, which involves preventive and remedial actions to minimize the increase in delivery time, for example. After all, even if the changes are comprehensive, the customer wants and needs to be surprised in their shopping experience, a factor that is also very important for companies that want to guarantee excellence in performance.


Since it started its trajectory, brclog considers adaptation a fundamental characteristic to offer a quality service to its partners and, therefore, more than ever, it is willing and prepared to adapt strategies and logistical operations to ensure the effectiveness of each service provided.



Road transport


According to data from CNT (Confederação Nacional de Transportes), the transport, auxiliary services and postal sector recorded, in May 2020, an increase equivalent to 4.6% in relation to April. Still, the segment continues to suffer from the consequences of the pandemic.


CNT President Vander Costa mentions: “May gave us the feeling that we have started a slow process to get out of the crisis in some segments of transport. But the numbers also show that we are far from our potential performance ”.


Even though all the consequences are unknown, it is possible to view this moment as an optimistic transformation that produces new opportunities. For this to happen, one of the essential factors is to include transport logistics in planning the operation's management.


brclog has experience in developing customized solutions for its customers and, even with the effects of the pandemic, it manages to offer balanced efficiency with transparency, especially with regard to deadlines. To learn more about our transport services, click on here.



The digital age


As already mentioned, social isolation is one of the factors that led the Brazilian consumer to be increasingly inserted in the digital age, which can be an advantage for your company, as it is an opportunity to increase sales. However, it is also important to note that there are other factors that influence the development of an efficient logistics strategy.


For example, technology can and should also be used in favor of its operation and, for this to happen, it is essential to have available a robust system that generates reports with the details of the performance indicators, data that are essential for the elaboration of adjustments in processes and preventive measures.


Another important factor is to ensure that the entire team is involved with possible changes in the operation. In addition, the fact that employees are up-to-date in relation to the scenario of pandemic impacts on road transport can also be considered a differential.


brclog operates with a WMS system that precisely delivers everything necessary to guarantee the quality of the partners' operations, in addition, the entire team of employees is ready to exclusively meet all the needs of each process. Learn more about these advantages by clicking on here.



Relationship with suppliers


Trust and transparency are fundamental characteristics for a good relationship between supplier and customer. With this new scenario, they became part of a solid base to achieve the appropriate logistics strategy for the operation.


The current moment is also opportune for you to analyze if your partner has the flexibility that your operation needs, do not forget that your client will always be waiting for the best he can offer.



Do you want to know more details about how brclog is adapting its service provision to the current situation? So be sure to look our team, we are available to answer your questions, after all, #TogetherLet's GoLonger



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