07 Nov

5 Tips for defining your Distribution Center location


Without a doubt, your company's strategic planning involves logistics, after all, this is a sector that has activities that influence the entire operation. Therefore, it is very important that there is a constant optimization of processes, which may mean the adoption of a Distribution Center.


Do you want to know everything that should be analyzed when choosing? We will help you! Continue reading this article to learn more and, if you have any questions, just look for the our team, we are available to assist you.



What Distribution Centers are and what they are for


A Distribution Center, also known as CD, is a place built with the purpose of storing materials and products of a company or industry to facilitate the distribution of the items, in addition to being a way of maintaining effective control over all stock.


At the Distribution Center, various actions are carried out, such as receiving the goods, checking, moving the items to the storage location, separating the orders, packing for dispatch, transportation and carrying out inventory audits.


For all of these activities to be carried out effectively, it is necessary that the distribution center is prepared, in several ways. Therefore, it is very important to study and evaluate all the available provisions, since the market offers several options, this is the best method to guarantee the best choice for your business.



Why location definition is so important


The location is one of the main points to be analyzed when choosing a Distribution Center. We say this, because the location can facilitate or hinder the processes and that is precisely why factors such as traffic and the distance between suppliers and highways are crucial aspects that must be taken into account when making decisions.


Therefore, when observing the location of a CD, it is essential to think about the logistics strategy of your company, thus, you will be able to identify which place is the most appropriate to offer agility and maintain the quality standard that your operation requires.


THE brclog knows and understands the challenges involved in making an effective and accurate logistics, therefore, its structure was strategically installed in a point of easy access to the Imigrantes Highway and the Ring Road, in addition to being 23 km away from Congonhas Airport, 30 km from the center of São Paulo, 50 km from Congonhas Airport and 55 km from the Port of Santos, that is, it is the ideal place for products to be transported in the right way and at the right time.



5 Tips for choosing


In addition to location, there are other factors that must be taken into account. Discover the tips we have prepared for you:


Type of shed


Each segment and business model requires a specific type of warehouse in order to meet the company's needs. Therefore, the wrong choice of the warehouse can generate financial losses and compromise the efficiency of the logistics operation.


To meet different niches and demands, the brclog it has a warehouse with a ceiling height of 12 meters and 8 docks, as well as meeting rooms, co-working space and parking for vehicles and carts, all so that customers feel at their second home.



Nature of the product


When choosing the Distribution Center that will take care of your processes, remember that the structure must also be able to adapt to the characteristics of your products. For example, if goods are perishable or electronic, special stock and handling conditions are required.


THE brclog he started his career working in the areas of health, cosmetics and sanitizing products, which allowed him to gain experience in meeting strict requirements to guarantee the good condition of the goods.


With this, customers are offered a series of activities that are essential to meet such specific product demands, including:

  • Air-conditioned room of 200 m²;
  • Monitoring of validity, temperature and humidity;
  • Refrigeration equipment for the storage of thermolabile substances.

If your operation involves adapting to ANVISA's requirements then you will also enjoy reading other content that we share and that talks about the topic. Click on here and get to know our tips.


Having expanded its service area in a solid way, the brclog offers the same effectiveness for other sectors, which is possible through features such as:

  • Storage by FEFO, FIFO AND LIFO;
  • Shipping packages in accordance with specifications (cardboard boxes, adhesive tape and bubble wrap);
  • Diverse fleet.

To learn more about the solutions that involve product matching, click on here.





The Distribution Center can be well located and adaptable to the needs of your products, but it must also offer security. Therefore, our suggestion is: get to know the place, observe the region and ask those responsible for the security measures. Remember that checking this point can make a total difference and still help you avoid several headaches.

Recognizing the importance of this factor is that the brclog it has a 24 hour security center, monitoring through cameras, as well as access control and an armored concierge.



Quality of facilities


It is very important that the facilities of the distribution center are in good condition, as it is another aspect that can directly interfere with the quality and time of execution of the processes. For example, if the yard does not allow a forklift to make good maneuvers, this can delay the operation and hinder the work of the employee responsible for the activity.


Another recommendation is to ensure that the ventilation and fire fighting systems are in accordance with current regulations. These are just a few of the various items that should be analyzed, so be sure to analyze what the CD has to offer in this regard. before hiring.


THE brclog it is also attentive to this point and therefore has the help of an excellent cleaning team and uses pest control and water potability. The Sprinkler (anti-fire system) is always checked to be in accordance with all standards and thus can guarantee the safety of everything and everyone.


Do you want to know the details of the facilities up close? Enter in contact and schedule a visit, the team brclog is ready to receive you.



Responsible company reputation


When closing any type of deal, it is essential to keep in mind that the third party will also be part of your operation, that is, it is necessary that there is a partnership. Therefore, before making the decision, check if the company has a good image in the market, if it really complies with the agreement, if it has quality and commitment in its operations, among other aspects. Define all the characteristics that you consider essential to maintain the level of your business and when deciding do not give them up.


The choice of the Distribution Center can be the key to success that your company's logistics needs, so consider the tips above to choose the best option to guarantee an advantageous operation for your business.


And, if you want to know more about the benefits in choosing the brclog as a partnership, just look for the our team, we are ready to serve you, after all, #JuntosVamosMaisLonge.



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