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Kit Assembly: Strategy with great potential that can optimize the logistics of combined products


Have you ever heard of a process called Kit Assembly? Do you doubt if this is a good investment to add value to your business? Well, we have answers to these questions, read the article until the end and check out all our tips on this potential strategy, and if you need any help just look for the our team.


After all, why did innovation become essential for a good logistics strategy?


Before explaining the details surrounding the Kit Assembly, it is important to clarify some other points regarding the logistics strategy.


Factors such as technological advances and a competitive market are well known in the logistical universe, and are also part of the reasons why a company needs to adapt its strategy, after all, the profile of the consumer has changed, and that is why it has been demanding more and more experience effective and personalized throughout the purchase process.

And it is precisely for this reason that innovation became fundamental when designing the strategy, but what does it mean to innovate? The dictionary of the Portuguese language defines this word as: to accomplish something new or that had never been done before, to produce news, to renew; that is, directing this definition to logistics, it can be said that innovation involves improving logistical processes, which includes implementing new ideas and actions to improve the execution of an existing activity. Once this happens, the entire chain feels the change, which also has a positive impact on the end customer.


It is important to note that for this practice to be successful, good planning and management is essential, which includes at least three stages, which are:


  • Definition of the innovation vision: The first step involves analyzing what the company wants to achieve, what are the objectives and what can surprise the customer. An essential factor so that it is possible to comply with this step is to develop and maintain good communication with partners.
    brclog faithfully believes in the importance of a good relationship and values this foundation for offering personalized service to each of the partners and their operations, thus, both sides are able to maintain the same commitment to improve processes, always considering the importance of innovate amidst the competitive market;


  • Analysis of internal and external environments: Once you have defined which direction to take, it is time to identify the opportunities that the company has to innovate, and for that it is necessary to find what are the bottlenecks in the processes (both internal and external) that can prevent the application of a new procedure. To reach this stage, brclog also has a robust and practical WMS system that allows the monitoring of operations and their performance metrics. Both the team and the partner view and follow everything in real time, so it is possible to outline a specific strategy that leads to a good positioning before the market. For more details on the solutions we offer, visit the tab Differentials of our website.


Now that you know the main points to start your company's innovation plan, let's talk about the Kit Assembly process and the combined product logistics. Thus, you can identify if this is the solution you are looking for for your business.


What is Kit Assembly and how does it work?


The Kit Assembly process is also known as co-packing, which translating into Portuguese means second packaging, that is, the system basically involves combining products to create a promotional kit, in order to attract the customer.


This strategy has been used frequently in Brazil, because, due to the current economic conditions in the country, “lightweight 3 pay 2” promotions have been one of the most sought after options by consumers, who want to save money and at the same time continue to buy products Of Quality.


Usually the Kit Assembly process works like this: the company identifies a product or line that would benefit from a promotion, defines which technologies to be used in the process (such as printers and scanners), together with the components for the kit composition, passes on everything for the co-packer who does the assembly and then returns to the Distribution Center or manufacturer.

A practical example: a company that makes toothbrushes and pastes can create a kit with both products. After choosing the format, the next step would be for the co-packer to handle and send the ready kit back to the producer or to a Logistics Operator for distribution.


It is important to note that factors such as model, size and weight of the kit directly influence the cost of the logistical process, so we emphasize once again the importance of good communication between the parties involved, as this way it is possible to ensure that the project happens according to expected by both sides.



Kit assembly at brclog 


Kit Assembly can be applied as a strategy to several segments, one of which is the hospital environment; in which the process allows the addition of breathing items, for example, and which must be at hand, ready to be used more quickly in hospital beds. brclog began its journey with partnerships in the areas of health, cosmetics and sanitizing products, and due to the know-how acquired, it managed to expand its activities in a solid manner. Learn more about this story by clicking on here.


Today, brclog has a prepared area and a specialized team to handle and assemble the kits and, for this, it has a sealing machine, confection, packing and traceability activities.


One of the essential factors for the Kit Assembly to be effective is to guarantee the suitability of the products to the customer's needs from beginning to end, even in the details. In this sense, we can cite as an example the application of labels and tags to the product, aspects that can make a total difference, after all, they are part of the visual identity that the company wants to transmit and can influence the opinion of the final customer.

To guarantee the best for its partners, brclog has a robust labeling and labeling process, which involves making labels, standardizing identification, printing, checking and application, and everything is done in a dynamic, personalized and with high production capacity.


Retail service is also available through the Assembly of Kits in the standard “pay 1 light 2” or similar, we offer solutions from handling to distribution, in other words, your company can focus on the strategy while brclog guarantees effectiveness combined product logistics.


Search our team to know more details about this solution, guarantee the best partnership for your business, and don't forget #JuntosVamosMaisLonge. 

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